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We can supply most of the Chinese brand wipe motors, XCMG excavator XE215C wipe motor, XCMG excavator XE235C wipe motor, XCMG excavator XE265C wipe motor, XCMG excavator XE335C wipe motor, XCMG excavator XE370CA wipe motor, XCMG excavator XE470D wipe motor, Shantui excavator SE135-9 wipe motor, Shantui excavator SE150-9 wipe motor, Shantui excavator SE245LC-9 wipe motor, Shantui excavator SE370LC-9 wipe motor, Shantui excavator SE470LC-9 wipe motor, Komatsu excavator PC200-7 wipe motor, Komatsu excavator PC200-8 wipe motor, Komatsu excavator PC220-8 wipe motor, Komatsu excavator PC240-8 wipe motor, Komatsu excavator PC300-7 wipe motor, Komatsu excavator PC360-7 wipe motor, Komatsu excavator PC400-7 wipe motor, SANY excavator SY125C wipe motor, SANY excavator SY135C wipe motor, SANY excavator SY215C wipe motor, SANY excavator SY245H wipe motor, SANY excavator SY305H wipe motor, SANY excavator SY335H wipe motor,  SANY excavator SY485H wipe motor, Liugong excavator 913E wipe motor, Liugong excavator 915E wipe motor, Liugong excavator 920E wipe motor, Liugong excavator 926E wipe motor, Liugong excavator 930E wipe motor, Liugong excavator 933E wipe motor, Doosan excavator DH150 wipe motor, Doosan excavator DH225-7 wipe motor, Doosan excavator DH300LC-7 wipe motor, Zoomlion excavator ZE135E wipe motor, Zoomlion excavator ZE205E wipe motor, Zoomlion excavator ZE215E wipe motor, Zoomlion excavator ZE330E wipe motor, SDLG excavator E6135F wipe motor, SDLG excavator E6150F wipe motor, SDLG excavator E6210F wipe motor, SDLG excavator E6225F wipe motor, SDLG excavator E6250F wipe motor, SDLG excavator E6300F wipe motor, Lonking excavator LG6135 wipe motor, Lonking excavator LG6225E wipe motor, Lonking excavator LG6365E wipe motor etc.

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wipe motor

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The wiper motor is driven by the motor, and the rotary motion of the motor is converted into the reciprocating motion of the wiper arm through the linkage mechanism, so as to realize the wiper action. Generally, the wiper can be operated by turning on the motor. It can be changed by selecting high-speed and low-speed gears. The current of the motor controls the speed of the motor and then the speed of the wiper arm. The wiper motor adopts a 3-brush structure to facilitate speed change. The intermittent time is controlled by an intermittent relay, and the charge and discharge functions of the return switch contact of the motor and the resistance and capacitance of the relay are used to make the wiper wipe in a certain period. The rear end of the wiper motor has a small gear transmission enclosed in the same housing to reduce the output speed to the required speed. This device is commonly known as the wiper drive assembly. The output shaft of the assembly is connected to the mechanical device at the end of the wiper, and the reciprocating swing of the wiper is realized through the fork drive and spring return. The wiper blade rubber strip is a tool to directly remove rain and dirt on the glass. The wiper strip is pressed against the glass surface by the spring strip, and its lip must match the angle of the glass in order to achieve the required performance. Under normal circumstances, there is a wiper control knob on the handle of the automobile combination switch, with 3 gears of low speed, high speed and intermittent. At the top of the handle is a washer button switch. When the switch is pressed, washing water is sprayed out, and the windshield is washed with the wiper. The quality requirements of wiper motors are quite high. It uses a DC permanent magnet motor, and the wiper motor installed on the front windshield is generally integrated with the worm gear mechanical part. The function of the worm gear mechanism is to decelerate and increase the torsion, and its output shaft drives the four-bar linkage mechanism, through which the continuous rotary motion is changed to the left and right swing motion.

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