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We can supply most of the Chinese brand start relays, XCMG excavator XE215C start relay, XCMG excavator XE235C start relay, XCMG excavator XE265C start relay, XCMG excavator XE335C start relay, XCMG excavator XE370CA start relay, XCMG excavator XE470D start relay, Shantui excavator SE135-9 start relay, Shantui excavator SE150-9 start relay, Shantui excavator SE245LC-9 start relay, Shantui excavator SE370LC-9 start relay, Shantui excavator SE470LC-9 start relay, Komatsu excavator PC200-7 start relay, Komatsu excavator PC200-8 start relay, Komatsu excavator PC220-8 start relay, Komatsu excavator PC240-8 start relay, Komatsu excavator PC300-7 start relay, Komatsu excavator PC360-7 start relay, Komatsu excavator PC400-7 start relay, SANY excavator SY125C start relay, SANY excavator SY135C start relay, SANY excavator SY215C start relay, SANY excavator SY245H start relay, SANY excavator SY305H start relay, SANY excavator SY335H start relay,  SANY excavator SY485H start relay, Liugong excavator 913E start relay, Liugong excavator 915E start relay, Liugong excavator 920E start relay, Liugong excavator 926E start relay, Liugong excavator 930E start relay, Liugong excavator 933E start relay, Doosan excavator DH150 start relay, Doosan excavator DH225-7 start relay, Doosan excavator DH300LC-7 start relay, Zoomlion excavator ZE135E start relay, Zoomlion excavator ZE205E start relay, Zoomlion excavator ZE215E start relay, Zoomlion excavator ZE330E start relay, SDLG excavator E6135F start relay, SDLG excavator E6150F start relay, SDLG excavator E6210F start relay, SDLG excavator E6225F start relay, SDLG excavator E6250F start relay, SDLG excavator E6300F start relay, Lonking excavator LG6135 start relay, Lonking excavator LG6225E start relay, Lonking excavator LG6365E start relay etc.

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start relay

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The start relay is a separate component, its function is to switch on, insert the attracting coil and the holding coil circuit. The function of the starter relay is to help the motor start, and the auxiliary winding is automatically disconnected after the start is completed to avoid burning the auxiliary winding coil. When the start relay fails, the compressor will gradually run out of adjustment. After the starting capacitor is started, it cannot be cut off from the circuit or the compressor cannot be started after the inverter is normally closed before starting. Operation, the cause is that the relay wire is loose, replaced, contact points are worn or welded, too dirty, uneven, coil short-circuit or open circuit, etc. For compressors that use start relays, when you hear a "humming" sound from the compressor and cannot start, check whether the start relay is correct. The main fault of the relay is the attenuation of the elastic force of the return spring, and the contact is closed when it is started and it is difficult to open. The starting current adjustment screw can be adjusted. If the adjustment screw is not easy to turn, the spring can be inserted and pulled with flat pliers until it is adjusted to normal. Why does the excavator start relay often burn? 1. The generator of the excavator may be broken. Because the generator of the excavator is broken and cannot be connected to electricity, it cannot catch fire. This needs to be repaired. If the problem is serious, the generator must be replaced. 2. Try to disassemble the battery pile head, and then reinstall it to see if it is an assembly problem, sometimes it is caused by improper assembly or circuit failure. 3. Check the starter relay or relay circuit of the machine to see if there is a short circuit or open circuit. Short circuit or open circuit will not catch fire. This needs to be found and then connected. 4. It may be that the battery clamp of the excavator is loose and cannot catch fire. In this case, just reinstall it. 5. Check the safety start relay to see if there is a short circuit.

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