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spline sleeve

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Both the spline sleeve and the spline shaft are used to transmit mechanical torque. The spline connection is composed of an inner spline and an outer spline. The inner and outer splines are multi-tooth parts, the splines on the inner cylindrical surface are inner splines, and the splines on the outer cylindrical surface are outer splines. Therefore, the spline sleeve is actually an internal spline, and the spline shaft is an external spline. According to different tooth shapes, spline connections can be divided into rectangular splines and involute splines. Both types of splines have been standardized. Applicable occasions: connections that require high centering accuracy, large transmission torque, or frequent slippage. Due to the different structure and manufacturing process, compared with the flat key connection, the spline connection has the following characteristics in terms of strength, technology and use: 1. Because more teeth and grooves are directly and evenly formed on the shaft and the hub hole, the spline joint receives more uniform force; 2. Because the groove is shallower, the stress concentration at the tooth root is less, and the strength of the shaft and hub is less weakened; 3. The number of teeth is large, and the total contact area is large, so it can bear a large load; 4. Good alignment between the parts on the shaft and the shaft, which is very important for high-speed and precision machines; 5. Good orientation, which is very important for dynamic connection; 6. Grinding method can be used to improve machining accuracy and connection quality; 7. The manufacturing process is more complicated, sometimes requires special equipment, and the cost is higher. Function: It is a kind of mechanical transmission, and the flat key, half-circle key and oblique key have the same functions, all of which transmit mechanical torque. Structure: There is a longitudinal keyway on the outer surface of the shaft, and the rotating part sleeved on the shaft also has a corresponding keyway, which can maintain synchronous rotation with the shaft. While rotating, some can also slide longitudinally on the shaft, such as gearbox shift gears.

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