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We can supply most of the Chinese brand piston rings, XCMG excavator XE215C piston ring, XCMG excavator XE235C piston ring, XCMG excavator XE265C piston ring, XCMG excavator XE335C piston ring, XCMG excavator XE370CA piston ring, XCMG excavator XE470D piston ring, Shantui excavator SE135-9 piston ring, Shantui excavator SE150-9 piston ring, Shantui excavator SE245LC-9 piston ring, Shantui excavator SE370LC-9 piston ring, Shantui excavator SE470LC-9 piston ring, Komatsu excavator PC200-7 piston ring, Komatsu excavator PC200-8 piston ring, Komatsu excavator PC220-8 piston ring, Komatsu excavator PC240-8 piston ring, Komatsu excavator PC300-7 piston ring, Komatsu excavator PC360-7 piston ring, Komatsu excavator PC400-7 piston ring, SANY excavator SY125C piston ring, SANY excavator SY135C piston ring, SANY excavator SY215C piston ring, SANY excavator SY245H piston ring, SANY excavator SY305H piston ring, SANY excavator SY335H piston ring,  SANY excavator SY485H piston ring, Liugong excavator 913E piston ring, Liugong excavator 915E piston ring, Liugong excavator 920E piston ring, Liugong excavator 926E piston ring, Liugong excavator 930E piston ring, Liugong excavator 933E piston ring, Doosan excavator DH150 piston ring, Doosan excavator DH225-7 piston ring, Doosan excavator DH300LC-7 piston ring, Zoomlion excavator ZE135E piston ring, Zoomlion excavator ZE205E piston ring, Zoomlion excavator ZE215E piston ring, Zoomlion excavator ZE330E piston ring, SDLG excavator E6135F piston ring, SDLG excavator E6150F piston ring, SDLG excavator E6210F piston ring, SDLG excavator E6225F piston ring, SDLG excavator E6250F piston ring, SDLG excavator E6300F piston ring, Lonking excavator LG6135 piston ring, Lonking excavator LG6225E piston ring, Lonking excavator LG6365E piston ring etc.

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The piston ring is a metal ring used to be embedded in the piston groove. There are two types of piston rings: compression ring and oil ring. The compression ring can be used to seal the combustible gas mixture in the combustion chamber; the oil ring is used to scrape the excess oil on the cylinder. The piston ring is a metal elastic ring with large outward expansion and deformation, and it is fitted into the cross-section and its corresponding annular groove. The reciprocating and rotating piston ring relies on the pressure difference of gas or liquid to form a seal between the outer circular surface of the ring and the cylinder and one side surface of the ring and the ring groove. Force The forces acting on the piston ring include gas pressure, the elastic force of the ring itself, the inertial force of the ring reciprocating motion, the friction force between the ring and the cylinder and the ring groove. Due to these forces, the ring will produce basic movements such as axial movement, radial movement, and rotational movement. In addition, due to its movement characteristics, along with irregular movement, the piston ring inevitably appears floating and axial vibration, radial irregular movement and vibration, twisting movement caused by axial irregular movement. These irregular movements often prevent the piston ring from functioning. When designing the piston ring, it is necessary to give full play to the favorable movement and control the unfavorable side. Thermal conductivity The high heat generated by combustion is transmitted to the cylinder wall through the piston ring, so it can cool the piston. The heat dissipated to the cylinder wall through the piston ring can generally reach 30-40% of the heat absorbed by the top of the piston. Air tightness The first function of the piston ring is to maintain the seal between the piston and the cylinder wall and to control air leakage to a minimum. This role is mainly borne by the gas ring, that is, the leakage of compressed air and gas of the engine should be controlled to a minimum under any operating conditions to improve thermal efficiency; prevent the cylinder and the piston or the cylinder and the ring from being caused by air leakage Seizure; to prevent malfunctions caused by deterioration of lubricating oil. Oil control The second function of the piston ring is to properly scrape off the lubricating oil attached to the cylinder wall and maintain normal oil consumption. When the supply of lubricating oil is too much, it will be sucked into the combustion chamber, which will increase the fuel consumption. Moreover, due to the carbon deposit produced by the combustion, the engine performance will be extremely badly affected. Supportive Because the piston is slightly smaller than the inner diameter of the cylinder, if there is no piston ring, the piston is unstable in the cylinder and cannot move freely. At the same time, the ring should prevent the piston from directly contacting the cylinder, and play a supporting role. Therefore, the piston ring moves up and down in the cylinder, and its sliding surface is fully borne by the ring.

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