Lubricate Value for bulldozer spare parts 154-15-34000


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The following introduces the principle of the progressive centralized lubrication system provided by the centralized lubrication system and its application on the bulldozer. 1, progressive centralized lubrication system The progressive centralized lubrication system is mainly composed of electric plunger pump, progressive distributor, It is composed of controller, main oil pipe and secondary oil pipe. DC motor drive Click on the document link to view more information The electric plunger pump drives the pump units with different oil output to provide grease to each independent Lubricant main distributor, the main distributor is then distributed to the secondary distributor in a certain proportion The secondary distributor sends the lubricant to each lubrication point. The lubrication time and lubrication interval time of the lubrication pump are controlled by the electronic controller. The system pumps each lubrication point through the lubrication pump to provide pump pressure to each Realized by the distributor, the self-made controller starts automatically according to the preset time period Start or stop the operation of the lubrication pump, and the safety valve limits the maximum pressure of the system to protect each Components, distributors play the role of reasonable distribution of grease according to the needs of each lubrication part. The progressive plunger distributor controls the oil distribution by hydraulic sequence, the distributor plunger The movement of the lubricant is governed by the supply of lubricant, so that the lubricant is discharged from each outlet in turn. If a lubrication point is blocked, the entire system will stop working. Because of The system is to control the oil distribution in sequence, and the oil quantity of each lubrication point can be controlled independently. Therefore, the amount of lubricant input will not be affected by the back pressure of a certain lubrication point.

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