LED work light for truck crane spare parts

We can supply most of the Chinese brand LED work light, Chinese XCMG Truck carne QAY25 LED work light ,Chinese XCMG Truck crane QY25K5 LED work light ,Chinese XCMG Truck crane QY12B.5 LED work light ,Chinese XCMG Truck crane XCT35 LED work light ,Chinese XCMG Truck crane QY50KA LED work light ,Chinese SANY Truck crane QY25C LED work light ,Chinese SANY Truck crane STC500 LED work light ,Chinese SANY Truck crane STC250 LED work light ,Chinese SANY Truck crane STC750T LED work light ,Chinese ZOOMLION Truck crane ZTC300E552 LED work light Chinese ZOOMLION Truck crane Ztc600V LED work light Chinese ZOOMLION Truck crane ZTC700V552 LED work light.

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LED work light

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Carton Boxes, or according to clients’ request.


Low power consumption: LED is a low-voltage working device, so under the same brightness, power consumption is minimal, which can greatly reduce energy consumption. On the contrary, with the development of technology and materials in the future, it will have higher luminous efficiency. People have calculated that if all the lighting fixtures in Japan are replaced by LEDs, two large power plants can be reduced, which is very beneficial to environmental protection. Fast response time: LED generally can respond within tens of milliseconds, so it is a high-speed device, which is beyond the reach of other light sources. The use of LEDs to make high-position brake lights for automobiles greatly improves the safety of automobiles at high speeds. Small size, light weight, and anti-attack: This is the inherent characteristic of semiconductor solid-state devices. Therefore, LEDs can be made into various clear and delicate display devices. Long working life: As a solid-state light-emitting device, LED has a longer working life than other light-emitting devices. Its brightness half-life can usually reach 100,000 hours. If LEDs are used to replace traditional car lights, their lifespan will be much longer than that of the car body, and they will not need to be repaired or replaced for life.

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