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We can supply most of the Chinese brand joysticks, XCMG excavator XE215C joystick, XCMG excavator XE235C joystick, XCMG excavator XE265C joystick, XCMG excavator XE335C joystick, XCMG excavator XE370CA joystick, XCMG excavator XE470D joystick, Shantui excavator SE135-9 joystick, Shantui excavator SE150-9 joystick, Shantui excavator SE245LC-9 joystick, Shantui excavator SE370LC-9 joystick, Shantui excavator SE470LC-9 joystick, Komatsu excavator PC200-7 joystick, Komatsu excavator PC200-8 joystick, Komatsu excavator PC220-8 joystick, Komatsu excavator PC240-8 joystick, Komatsu excavator PC300-7 joystick, Komatsu excavator PC360-7 joystick, Komatsu excavator PC400-7 joystick, SANY excavator SY125C joystick, SANY excavator SY135C joystick, SANY excavator SY215C joystick, SANY excavator SY245H joystick, SANY excavator SY305H joystick, SANY excavator SY335H joystick,  SANY excavator SY485H joystick, Liugong excavator 913E joystick, Liugong excavator 915E joystick, Liugong excavator 920E joystick, Liugong excavator 926E joystick, Liugong excavator 930E joystick, Liugong excavator 933E joystick, Doosan excavator DH150 joystick, Doosan excavator DH225-7 joystick, Doosan excavator DH300LC-7 joystick, Zoomlion excavator ZE135E joystick, Zoomlion excavator ZE205E joystick, Zoomlion excavator ZE215E joystick, Zoomlion excavator ZE330E joystick, SDLG excavator E6135F joystick, SDLG excavator E6150F joystick, SDLG excavator E6210F joystick, SDLG excavator E6225F joystick, SDLG excavator E6250F joystick, SDLG excavator E6300F joystick, Lonking excavator LG6135 joystick, Lonking excavator LG6225E joystick, Lonking excavator LG6365E joystick etc.  

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Because there are many kinds of spare parts, we can’t display them all on the website. Please feel free to contact us for specific ones.


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The operation of the joystick of an excavator is different from that of a car, and the joystick is in the center position in a natural state. For example, when rotating, you need to consider the inertia of the excavator. When you shake the joystick, the excavator starts to rotate. Then loosen the joystick. After the joystick is naturally centered, the excavator will continue to rotate due to inertia, so you should consider shaking during operation. The distance of the operating joystick. In addition, the large and small arms of the excavation and the expansion and contraction of the bucket use these two joysticks. With the different swing positions, the speed and strength of the action will change. Due to the difference of excavator models and brands, some excavator joysticks are equipped with function buttons that can increase power instantly. For example, the strength of the large and small arms can be increased during hoisting, and the boom speed can be increased during loading operations. The operating joystick is a proportional pressure control valve, which is installed under each operating joystick in the cab. The joystick is a kind of machinery that is convenient for workers to operate. It can output corresponding control oil pressure according to the stroke of the driver's operating joystick, so that the main control valve spool has a corresponding amount of movement to control The working speed of the working device. All parts of the joystick are precision parts, so you should be careful when operating to prevent the parts from colliding with each other or falling. Excessive knocking or prying during operation will cause burrs or damage to the parts, which will lead to problems such as failure to install, oil leakage, and performance degradation. Full attention must be paid. If left unattended after disassembly or during disassembly, the parts may rust due to moisture and dust. Therefore, when the operation is interrupted by necessity, rust and dust prevention work should be done.

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