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We can supply most of the Chinese brand floating oil seal, XCMG concrete pump floating oil seal, XCMG 37meters HB37 concrete pump floating oil seal, XCMG Hb39k 39m Truck Mounted Concrete floating oil seal, XCMG Hb41 Hb41A 41m Truck Mounted Concrete Pump floating oil seal, XCMG Hb43k 43m Concrete Pump Truck floating oil seal, Hb46A 46m Truck Mounted Concrete floating oil seal, XCMG Hb48b 48m Truck Mounted Concrete Pump floating oil seal SANY 37m concrete pump floating oil seal, SANY43m concrete pump floating oil seal, SANY52m concrete pump floating oil seal Zoomlion 56X-6RZ 56m concrete pump floating oil seal, Zoomlion 23X-4Z 23m concrete pump floating oil sealetc

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floating oil seal

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Floating oil seal is a special type of mechanical seal. It is a compact mechanical seal method developed to adapt to the harsh working environment. It has strong anti-pollution ability, wear resistance, impact resistance, reliable work, and automatic end face wear. The advantages of compensation and simple structure are the most common applications in construction machinery products, and are also widely used in various conveyors, sand processing equipment, and concrete equipment. In coal mining machinery, it is mainly used for the sprocket of the scraper conveyor, the speed reducer and the transmission mechanism, rocker arm, drum, etc. of the coal shearer. This kind of sealing products are more common and mature in construction machinery and equipment, but in other industries, due to the small amount of use, the lack of basic theoretical data and use experience, the failure phenomenon is more common during use, and it is difficult to achieve the expected results. Structure principle The floating oil seal is composed of two identical metal rings and two rubber rings. Its working principle is that a pair of rubber rings form a closed space with the cavity under the support of the metal ring (but not in contact with the shaft). The metal ring is rotating. The two grinded surfaces of the machine are closely matched and slide relatively, on the one hand to ensure good operation, on the other hand, to effectively seal off external dust, water, sludge, etc., to protect the internal lubricating grease from leaking. The sealing principle of the floating oil seal is that the two floating rings are deformed by the axial compression of the O-shaped sealing ring to produce a pressing force on the sealing end face of the floating ring. With the uniform wear of the sealing end face, this elastic energy stored by the O-ring seal is gradually released, thereby playing an axial compensation role. The sealing surface can maintain a good fit within the set time, and the general sealing life is more than 4000h.  

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