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delivery cylinder

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The Features for Delivery Cylinder/ Concrete Cylinder Pipe: 1. Durable cylinder is made of high quality carbon steel Hardness >HRC64 2. Use advanced chromium plating process for inner wall, 0.26-0.33 mm super-thick chromium plating layer 3. Unique structure design on both ends of the flange, sharply increased the assembly precision and strength of the concrete cylinder key stress cross section structure The Specifications for Delivery Cylinder/ Concrete Cylinder Pipe
Product Name Concrete Pump Parts Delivery Cylinder/ Cylinder Pipe
Brand Zoomlion
Material Quality steel + Super thick chromium plating
Model Number DN200 DN230 DN260
Product Code Φ200 x 1960 Φ230 x 2250 Φ260X2250
Cylinder Diameter Φ200mm Φ230 Φ260
Length 1960mm 2250mm 2250mm
Chrome plate layer thickness 0.25-0.3mm 0.25~0.3mm 0.26-0.33mm
Hardness on chromium plating surface >HRC64 >HRC64 >HRC64
Service Life 100,000m³ 100,000m³ 100,000m³
Application Zoomlion Φ200x1960 Trailer Concrete Pump Zoomlion Φ230x2250 Low-Emission Truck-mounted Concrete boom Pump Zoomlion Φ260×2250 High-Emission Truck-mounted Concrete Boom Pump
Maintenance of the pumping part 1. Check the oil quality and oil level of the hydraulic oil every 8 hours when the pump truck is working, and replenish and replace it if necessary. The newly added hydraulic oil must have the same grade as the oil in the tank. The pump truck is filled with hydraulic pressure before leaving the factory. The oil is Esso H46. Generally, when pumping 20,000 cubic meters of concrete or using it for half a year, the oil should be completely changed once. When changing the oil, the oil tank must be cleaned and the oil tanks of each part must be drained; 2. Check the oil level of the lubricating oil every 8 hours when the pump truck is working. It is recommended to use non-extreme pressure type semi-fluid lithium base grease. When pumping, there should be places where the concrete cylinder is connected to the water tank, the bearing seat of the S tube and the mixing end seat. Lubricating oil overflow; 3. After the pump truck has pumped 3000 cubic meters, the gap between the glasses plate and the cutting ring should be adjusted. If it is severely worn, it must be replaced immediately. Check that the concrete should be well sealed and no mortar seeped into the water tank; 4. After the pump truck is used for 500 hours, check the wear condition of the S tube and the bearing position of the S tube, and replace the shaft sleeve and taper sleeve if necessary; 5. Check the indication of the vacuum gauge of the suction filter of the pump truck. If the pointer of the vacuum gauge reaches the red area (that is, it exceeds 0.04Mpa), the filter element must be replaced; 6. Each system must be checked when starting up, check whether the system pressure is normal, and check whether the hydraulic system is leaking;

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