Construction machine XGT flat top and luffing jib tower crane

    We supply 6ton to flat top and luffing jib tower crane, including XL6025-20, XGTL180, XGTL750, QTZ80, XGT7020-12, XGT8020-16, XGTT100CLL, XGT1200, XGA6010-6, etc.    

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Tower cranes are the most commonly used lifting equipment on construction sites. They are also called tower cranes. They extend (height) section by section (referred to as "standard section"). They are used to lift steel bars and wood panels used in construction. , Concrete, steel pipe and other construction materials. The tower crane is also an indispensable lifting equipment on the construction site. XL6025-20 1. Strong adaptability in multi-working conditions. * Hoisting has 2 fall, 3 fall and 4 fall, greatly enriched the selection of lifting ratio in various working conditions; * Seven jib length combination: 60m, 55m, 50m, 45m, 40m, 35m, 30m; * The maximum attached height reaches 266m. 2. Optimized design of structure * The balance boom turning radius is only 7.6m, suitable for small space balance boom rotary operation, enhanced the applicability of urban construction; * Hollow-square shaped ballasts, effectively reduces the height of the ballasts, reduces wind load and improve structural stability. * Foldable A-frame design, convenient for storage and transportation, efficient transfer.
Description Unit Parameter value
Max lifting height m 266
Span m 60
Weight kg 73000
Rated loading capacity t 20
Power kw 153
XGT7020-12 flat top tower crane Guided by the golden standard of "Leading technology, everlasting product", focus on creating XCMG tower crane product highlights of “High performance, high safety, high reliability” and “Intelligent, frequency conversion, green, humanization”.

Performance Characteristics

* The most secure high-end construction lifting machinery benchmark. * The lifting performance is better than competitors. * New XGT-AMCS intelligent management system. * With the speed control function, the position accuracy is up to millimeter; ensure that the hoisting is smooth and accurate. * Quick disassembly, easy and efficient, the platforms and booms are quick-assembly structures, which save 3.2 hours for installation.
Type XGT7020-12
Basic height 60M
Max height 240M
Length 70/65/60/55/50/45/40/35/30
Max load 12t
Tip load 2/2.5/3.1/3.9/4.7/5.6/6.3/7.2/8.5
Section size 2000×2000×3000
XGT1200 Topless Tower Crane 63 t intelligent flat-top tower crane with the strongest operating adaptability. With pioneering "Super lifting P+” technology in China, it has wide working range, strong lifting performance, high free-standing lifting height and intelligent level, applicable to applications such as large-scale prefabricated buildings, and construction of electric power facilities and bridges.
Item Unit Parameters
Rated lifting moment t·m 1200
Free-standing lifting height m 94
Max. lifting capacity t 63
Max. working radius/Load m/t 80/10.3
Power (Excluding jacking system) kW 211.5
12ton XGTL180 (5522-12) luffing jib tower crane Luffing crane XGTL180 (5522-10), which is a new-type tower crane for construction designed by XCMG. It is a multi-purpose self-elevating tower crane characterized by its luffing boom, trolley slewing and upper slewing mechanisms. This tower crane is mainly used for construction works, such as, high-rise hotel, residential building, high-rise industrial building, long-span industrial workshop, stadium, bridge, chimney stalk and silo, etc. The crane boom is the combination of six boom lengths (30m, 35m, 40m, 45m, 50mand55m), and the maximum lifting capacity is 10t.The main characteristics are listed as follows:


Luffing crane





Tip Load


Max loading


Section size