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We can supply most of the Chinese brand bucket teeth, XCMG excavator XE215C bucket teeth, XCMG excavator XE235C bucket teeth, XCMG excavator XE265C bucket teeth, XCMG excavator XE335C bucket teeth, XCMG excavator XE370CA bucket teeth, XCMG excavator XE470D bucket teeth, Shantui excavator SE135-9 bucket teeth, Shantui excavator SE150-9 bucket teeth, Shantui excavator SE245LC-9 bucket teeth, Shantui excavator SE370LC-9 bucket teeth, Shantui excavator SE470LC-9 bucket teeth, Komatsu excavator PC200-7 bucket teeth, Komatsu excavator PC200-8 bucket teeth, Komatsu excavator PC220-8 bucket teeth, Komatsu excavator PC240-8 bucket teeth, Komatsu excavator PC300-7 bucket teeth, Komatsu excavator PC360-7 bucket teeth, Komatsu excavator PC400-7 bucket teeth, SANY excavator SY125C bucket teeth, SANY excavator SY135C bucket teeth, SANY excavator SY215C bucket teeth, SANY excavator SY245H bucket teeth, SANY excavator SY305H bucket teeth, SANY excavator SY335H bucket teeth,  SANY excavator SY485H bucket teeth, Liugong excavator 913E bucket teeth, Liugong excavator 915E bucket teeth, Liugong excavator 920E bucket teeth, Liugong excavator 926E bucket teeth, Liugong excavator 930E bucket teeth, Liugong excavator 933E bucket teeth, Doosan excavator DH150 bucket teeth, Doosan excavator DH225-7 bucket teeth, Doosan excavator DH300LC-7 bucket teeth, Zoomlion excavator ZE135E bucket teeth, Zoomlion excavator ZE205E bucket teeth, Zoomlion excavator ZE215E bucket teeth, Zoomlion excavator ZE330E bucket teeth, SDLG excavator E6135F bucket teeth, SDLG excavator E6150F bucket teeth, SDLG excavator E6210F bucket teeth, SDLG excavator E6225F bucket teeth, SDLG excavator E6250F bucket teeth, SDLG excavator E6300F bucket teeth, Lonking excavator LG6135 bucket teeth, Lonking excavator LG6225E bucket teeth, Lonking excavator LG6365E bucket teeth etc.

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bucket teeth

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Bucket teeth of excavators are important parts of excavators, similar to human teeth, but also vulnerable parts. They are combined bucket teeth composed of a tooth seat and a tooth tip, and the two are connected by a pin shaft. Because the part of the bucket tooth wear and failure is the tooth tip, just replace the tooth tip. Classified according to the environment in which the bucket teeth of the excavator are used. Excavator bucket teeth can be divided into rock teeth (used for iron ore, quarry, etc.), earthmoving teeth (used for digging soil, sand, etc.), and tapered teeth (used for coal mines). Process flow The technological process of bucket teeth: sand casting, forging and precision casting. Sand casting: the lowest cost, while the level of craftsmanship and the quality of bucket teeth are not as good as precision casting and forging die casting. Forging: the highest cost and the best craftsmanship and tooth quality. Precision casting: The cost is moderate but the requirements for raw materials are very strict, and the technological level is relatively high. Due to the ingredients, some precision casting bucket teeth have a wear resistance and quality even exceeding that of forging casting bucket teeth. At present, precision casting bucket teeth is the mainstream manufacturing process for bucket teeth on the market. Forging bucket teeth use forging machinery to apply pressure to special metal blanks, extruding and forming at high temperatures, refine the crystal material in the forging, and make it plastically deformed to obtain certain mechanical properties. The metal can improve its structure after forging. , Which can ensure that the forged bucket teeth have good mechanical properties, more wear resistance and longer service life. The casting is to melt the metal at a high temperature, add auxiliary materials, inject the model, and obtain the casting after solidification. The casting produced by this process is prone to pores and trachoma. Its mechanical properties, wear resistance and service life are relatively good. Forgings are low. The replacement method of excavator bucket teeth: 1. Bucket teeth should be kept sharp. 2. The teeth on both sides of the bucket generally wear out faster than the teeth in the middle of the bucket. When the teeth on both sides are worn much shorter than the teeth in the middle, the positions of the teeth in the middle and on both sides can be interchanged and continue to be used. If the difference between the length of the tooth at the center and the tooth at both ends reaches 2 to 3 cm, it should be replaced. 3. If the difference between the length of the tooth at the center and the length of the tooth at both ends reaches 2 to 3 cm, it should be replaced. Please replace the bucket teeth in time. 4. Visually inspect the looseness and wear of the bucket teeth before working every day. If the wear of the bucket teeth exceeds the use limit, it will not only damage the tooth seat and the bucket, but also affect the efficiency of excavation and reduce production.

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