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We can supply most of the Chinese brand. SHANTUI Bulldozer SD16 Adjusting screw, SHANTUI Bulldozer SD22 Adjusting screw, SHANTUI Bulldozer SD32 Adjusting screw. HBXG Bulldozer SD7N Adjusting screw,HBXG Bulldozer T140 Adjusting screw, HBXG Bulldozer TY165 Adjusting screw , HBXG Bulldozer TY230 Adjusting screw, HBXG Bulldozer SD6N Adjusting screw, HBXG Bulldozer SD7N Adjusting screw, HBXG Bulldozer SD8N Adjusting screw, HBXG Bulldozer SD9N Adjusting screw. XCMG Bulldozer TY160 Adjusting screw,XCMG Bulldozer TY230 Adjusting screw,XCMG Bulldozer TY320 Adjusting screw,SEM Bulldozer SEM816 Adjusting screw,SEM Bulldozer SEM822 Adjusting screw. LIUGONG Bulldozer B110 Adjusting screw,LIUGONG Bulldozer B160 Adjusting screw,LIUGONG Bulldozer B230 Adjusting screw,LIUGONG Bulldozer B320 Adjusting screw,PENGPU Bulldozer PD140 Adjusting screw,PENGPU Bulldozer PD165 Adjusting screw,PENGPU Bulldozer PD220 Adjusting screw. PENGPU Bulldozer PD320 Adjusting screw, PENGPU Bulldozer PD410 Adjusting screw, ZOOMLION Bulldozer ZD160 Adjusting screw,ZOOMLION Bulldozer ZD220 Adjusting screw,ZOOMLION Bulldozer ZD230 Adjusting screw, DADI Bulldozer MD32 Adjusting screw, DADI Bulldozer MD23 Adjusting screw, DADI Bulldozer MD23 Adjusting screw, DADI Bulldozer MD16 Adjusting screw.

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Adjusting screw

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Checking diesel engine

(1) Engine oil pressure. For example HBXG’s T140 bulldozer is equipped with a 6135 series diesel engine. The oil pressure should be 245~343kpa when the speed is calibrated, among which the 6135G-1 type is 294~392kpa, and the oil pressure should be different when the speed is 500~600r/min. Less than 49kpa. If the diesel engine is not in compliance with the above-mentioned specified pressure range during the operation of the diesel engine, it shall be adjusted in time. The adjustment method is to first unscrew the oil sealing nut on the pressure regulating valve, loosen the lock nut, and then turn the adjusting bolt with a screwdriver. When the adjusting bolt is screwed in, the pressure increases, and when it is screwed out, the pressure decreases until it is adjusted to the specified range. After adjustment, tighten the lock nut and install the oil sealing nut. (2) Tension of triangle tape. When the diesel engine is working, the triangle tape should maintain a certain degree of tension. Under normal circumstances, it should be able to press 10-20mm when the middle section is 29-49N afterburner. Too tight will cause increased wear of the bearings on the charging generator, fan and water pump; too loose, and the driven accessories will not reach the required speed, resulting in a drop in the voltage of the charging motor, and a decrease in the air volume of the fan and the water pump, thereby affecting the performance of the diesel engine. Normal operation. Regular adjustments can prolong the service life of the triangle tape. If the tape peels off or cannot reach the specified tension due to excessive elongation, it should be replaced immediately.  

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