2 Ton To 25 Ton Truck Mounted Crane straight and folding arm

We supply 1 ton to 25 ton straight arm or folding arm truck mounted crane. Including SQ1ZK2Q, SQ2ZK1, SQ3.2ZK1/K2, SQ4ZK2Q, SQ5ZK2Q/3Q, SQ6.3ZK2Q, SQ8ZK3Q, SQ10ZK3Q, SQ12ZK3Q, SQ14ZK4Q,SQ16ZK4Q, SQ2SK2Q, SQ3.2SK1/K2, SQ4SK2Q/3Q, SQ5SK2Q/3Q, SQ6.3SK2Q/3Q, SQ8SK2Q/3Q, SQ10SK3Q, SQ12SK3Q, SQ14SK4Q, SQ16SK4Q,SQ18SK5Q, SQ20SK5Q, SQS series, SQZ series, etc.    

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The truck-mounted crane is widely used in the hoisting and transportation of infrastructure materials and other equipment such as municipal construction, coal mine engineering, and landscaping. The truck-mounted crane can be operated left and right, it can rotate 360 degrees forwards and backwards, and can also rotate in all directions. It adopts military quality production, reliable quality, long life and fast working speed. Related models are 2 tons, 3.2 tons, 4 tons, 5 tons, 6.3 tons, 8 tons, 10 tons, 12 tons, 16 tons, 18 tons, 20 tons , 25 tons, 30 tons, 80 tons, 140 tons, cranes are available, you can choose straight arm or folding arm crane. A truck with crane is a type of transportation vehicle that combines a truck with a crane and a chassis. It is composed of boom, turntable, frame, outrigger and other parts. The mechanical action of the truck crane is realized through the actions of luffing, telescoping, turning, hoisting and other mechanisms, and the lifting operation is realized through the combination of different actions. 1,Throttle Control System Changing the form of previous manipulation and throttle operation individually,Realization of the bilateral handle synchronous and driving throttle acceleration and deceleration automatically, due to the speed change steady,it can easily to carry out the lifting work. 2, End position automatic hook device Maximum savings in preparation time before and after operation, to ensure that customer's vehicle could be in a driving state in the shortest time, and prevent crane damage accident caused by hoist swing to enhance the safety of driving. 3, Hoisting overwinder device If a user is negligent or unfamiliar with the operation of lifting hooks,the hoisting overwinder device will stop hook raise in time, to prevent the safety of personal and property caused by fracture of wire rope. 4, Slewing locking device Slewing locking device can ensure that the lifting arm does not sway because of the centrifugal force during the driving and steering process of the vehicle,to avoid all kinds of accidents caused by swaying. 5, Dual pump converging The hydraulic system adopts dual high pressure gear pump, multi-way valve hoisting joint to realize the converging, to improve the speed of winch, at the same time, it can realize the compound action of crane. 6, Torque limiter It can select torque limit overload protection device to prevent users because of negligence or unfamiliar with the lifting operation principle of overload operation, thereby causing the vehicle rollover and crane damage accidents.

performance characteristics

1. Warning system: while loader crane working, the caution light on the leg keep shining to remind the people and vehicle around. Avoid accident and ensure safety. 2. Stabilizer extension: single cavity nesting structure not only ensure the leg span but also reduced the installation space and crane weight. 3. Leveling mechanism of extension cylinder: this mechanism can carry out level regulation for extension cylinder, avoid the phenomenon of cylinder is not parallel to boom which arising from machining error of boom or structure distortion after long-term work, improve product external appearance and stress on the cylinder. 4. Large angle rack cylinder rotation: rack cylinder rotation, easy to repair and maintain, more economical and practical , rotation angle can reach to 420 °. main specifications SQ10SK3Q
Item Units SQ10SK3Q
Max lifting capacity kg 10000
Max lifting capacity T.m 25
Recommend power kW 30
Max oil flow L/min 63
Max pressure mpa 26
Oil Tank Capacity L 160
Crane weight kg 3800
Installation space mm 1150
Rotation angle degree 360
Max extension length mm 12000
Max lifting height mm 12500
Item Unit SQ5ZK3Q
Max Lifting Capacity kg 5000
Max Lifting Moment t.m 10.5
Recommend Power kw 18
Max Oil Flow of Hydraulic System L/min 25
Max Pressure of Hydraulic System Mpa 28
Oil Tank Capacity L 90
Crance Weight kg 2117
Installation Space mm 1050
Rotation Angle ° 360°All Rotaion
Max lifting capacity KG 10000
Max lifting capacity T.M 20
Recommend power KW 28
Max oil flow L/MIN 40
Max pressure MPA 30
Oil Tank Capacity L 160
Crane weight KG 3477
Installation space MM 1150
Rotation angle DEGREE 360
Extension length MM 9755
Lifting height MM 12000
Max elevation DEGREE 75
Item Unit SQ8ZK3Q
Max Lifting Capacity kg 8000
Max Lifting Moment t.m 16
Recommend Power kw 28
Max Oil Flow of Hydraulic System L/min 40
Max Pressure of Hydraulic System Mpa 28
Oil Tank Capacity L 160
Crance Weight kg 2970
Installation Space mm 1150
Rotation Angle ° 360°All Rotaion
Item Unit SQ5SK3Q
Max lifting capacity KG 5000
Max lifting capacity T.M 12.5
Recommend power KW 18
Max oil flow L/MIN 32
Max pressure MPA 20
Oil Tank Capacity L 90
Crane weight KG 2215
Installation space MM 900
Rotation angle DEGREE 360 All Rotation
Max extension length MM 11000
Max lifting height MM 12000
Max elevation DEGREE 75