1 ton to 70 ton crawler and wheel excavators

We supply all the models of XCMG crawler excavators and wheel excavatorsincluding XE15U, XE35U, XE40, XE55D, XE60D, XE60WA, XE75D, XE80D, XE135B, XE135D, XE150D, XE150WB, XE200D, XE215C, XE215CLL, XE215D, XE235C, XE240, XE260CLL, XE305D, XE355C, XE370CA, XE470D, XE700D, etc.

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An excavator is an earth-moving machine that uses a bucket to excavate materials above or below the bearing surface and load it into a transport vehicle or unload it to a stockyard. details information XCMG XE15U Mini Crawler Excavator XE15U hydraulic excavator uses a mechanical injection oil engine with national II emission standards and has characteristics of strong power, energy conservation and environmental protection, high reliability and excellent performance.
Description Unit Parameter value
Operating weight Kg 1795
Bucket capacity 0.04
Engine Model / D782-E3B-CBH-1
No. of cylinders / 3
Output power kw/rpm 9.8/2300
torque/speed N.m 44.5/1800
Displacement L 0.778
Hydraulic system Travel speed(H/L) km/h 4.3/2.2
Gradeability ° 30°
Pressure of prime valve MPa 22
Pressure of travel system MPa 22
Pressure of swing system MPa 11
Pressure of pilot system MPa 3.9
Oil Capacity Fuel tank capacity L 18
Hydraulic tank capacity L 17
Engine oil capacity L 3.8
Appearance size Overall length mm 3560
Overall width mm 1240
Overall height mm 2348
Width of platform mm 990
Overall width of chassis mm 990/1240
Width of crawler mm 230
Track length on ground mm 1270
Crawler gauge mm 760/1010
Clearance under counterweight mm 450
Min. ground clearance mm 145
Working scope Min. tail swing radius mm 620
Max. digging height mm 3475
Max. dumping height mm 2415
Max. digging depth mm 2290
Max. vertical wall digging depth mm 1750
Max. digging reach mm 3900
Min. swing radius mm 1530
Standard Length of boom mm 1690
Length of arm mm 1100
Bucket capacity 0.04
XCMG XE35U 1.64 ton small crawler excavator XE35U crawler excavator cooperates with multi-functional working tools to complete tasks such as excavation, loading, leveling, trenching, crushing, drilling, pinching, lifting, etc. It is widely used in the construction and production of hydropower, transportation, municipal, garden, farmland transformation, oil pipelines, etc.
Model Metric unit XE35U
Operating weight kg 4200
Bucket capacity m3 0.11
Engine Output power kW/ r/min 21.6/2400
torque/speed N.m 107.2/1444
Displacement L 1.642
Main performance Travel speed(H/L) km/h 3.6/2.2
Gradeability % 58
Rotating speed r/min 8.5
Ground pressure kPa 36.6
Bucket digging force kN 24.6
Arm crowd force kN 17.8
Appearance size Overall length mm 4960
Overall width mm 1740
Overall height mm 2535
Width of platform mm 1585
Length of crawler mm 2220
Overall width of chassis mm 1740
Width of crawler mm 300
Track length on ground mm 1440
Crawler gauge mm 1721
Clearance under counterweight mm 587
Min. ground clearance mm 297
Min. tail swing radius mm 870
Working scope Max. digging height mm 5215
Max. dumping height mm 3760
Max. digging depth mm 3060
Max. vertical wall digging depth mm 2260
Max. digging reach mm 5415
Min. swing radius mm 2170